Thursday, December 16, 2010

Final Posting

OK, so I have completely ignored/forgotten about this blog over the past few months... been extremely busy working on final films among other things...

the first of those other things is a new and improved website to host more of finalized images and animations... and that will be coming out early next year... hopefully

so for right now I figure'd that I would post some of the animation exercises that I've been working... now these are all still in a very rough state, but you can easily read the movements and character that I was going for... and frankly display my natural animating abilities (that run cycle was done in under 3 hours without a reference)

Water effects

Run Cycle

Heavy Lift Exercise

This final exercise isn't 100%, there's alot to be fixed up in the final half second... key changes and missing some inbetweens on the character.

now the other thing that I have been work on is my old friend Computer Animation... but more on that in the new year...

happy holidays everybody!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maquette Building


So been way too long since I've posted on here. Been extremely busy with many various things... self teaching cartooning, self teaching blender, rebuilding a basement and other things...

anyways, I signed up for a maquette character design course this summer and finally have some post-able results...

I decided to default to my basic faceless characters, largely cause faces take an extreme amount of time which I couldn't afford during the short course... I did do a basic face, which I'll be working on later... but I've been enjoying the results from these guys so much that I've gotta finish up another one

The colours on this guy aren't final! I will be changing the pants to be more khaki or canvas. His older brother below is a work in progress... the jacket is ment to be torn as it is from much later in the narrative...

I'll post more of his progression as it happens (as I finally have a digital camera I can use)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Much Delayed Post

Ok, so dropped the ball there for while... but that's largely cause I've been busy drawing, or renovating the house... oh and plus my scanner has decided to kill itself... but enough with frivolous excuses...

Today I have something special to post... I've been doing a whole lot of work on my personal project, which I've dubbed L.B.H. as a working title for now. I've started to work on some storyboarding for the project, but for now I have some designs to post. I've mainly been reworking some of my character designs for the project to emphasis the silhouettes and extending myself into the plant, animal and structure designs for the world that I've been creating.

I haven't done too much in terms of building design in the past, so would love some feedback if possible...

oh, and here is a very quick tribute drawing that I did for the late great Frank Frazetta... unfortunately I was using a few new mediums and the colours really didn't come out as well as I wanted them...

I'll be posting more from this project shortly, or basically when I find a way to digitize my newer work.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Drawing Finale

ok, so finished up school finally... not sure where I'm currently standing with the school, but I'm moving ahead with my work. I've start into hands and feet studies, and working hard on character rotations... I'll be posting a few this weekend I hope.

and here is the final reductive drawing... the image didn't turn out great cause I didn't have the proper lighting to capture it, but it turned out great...

And I was finally able to finish off the leica reel

I'm still not really happy about the final few seconds... I'll likely be extending the finale a bit beyound the music to have him fly away a bit smoother and further... with more emphasis on his celebration

Friday, April 2, 2010

Starting to put more characterization into the subway sketching... I'll be trying to the push the exaggerations and try to work in full body characterization...

Layout - I haven't really posted much work from layout in the past, cause its another course that I've struggled til recently... This first one is the last assignment in the course... had to replicate a pan from Pinocchio

We also did a few scenes from curious george... didn't push them to the final line, but think I get across the proper structure and layout for the scenes...

I'll likely be posting more school stuff before the end of the weekend, still trying to organize the studio... its just a mountain of paper still....

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Final Days

Well year 2 is coming to a finish... have to admit the crunch period really got me this year.. I still have a few more final assignments to finish up over the weekend... but not really going to sweat it too much...

ok, so I got the secound set of prolonged poses to start posting... Still have the final pose next week, but think they are turning out pretty well... This first one is a reductive technique, which I kinda messed up on... I didn't have any willow charcoal, so its a soft pastel which doesn't really get removed very easily... turned out darker then it should..

Right, and the final cartooning assignments... I won't really go into too much detail, but suffice to say that I've struggled with cartooning in the past... but I think I've really started to work the concepts properly, and hopefully I can greatly improve my character design over the summer.

I've decided to move ahead with my animation project this month, I'll have the character rotation and some poses to post later

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chat Roulette Portraits

Right, so I got a webcam recently, mainly to capture line tests and cut out the middle man of commuting an hour to school to test some animation... a happy little consequence is I have now tapped into endless supply of portraiture subjects with Chat Roulette... all I got to do is endure some exhibitionist... anyways, here's the first wave of results....

anyways, hopefully having this camera will speed up some of these projects of mine... and posting on here won't be so tough... just be much lower resolution